#SouthSudan #PeaceHackCamp

The South Sudan #PeaceHackCamp is an intensive media literacy and inter-communal peace-building project that taps into open source tools and media for their ability to promote collaborative enterprise in learning and innovation, foster mutually beneficial interaction among communities, enable shared ownership and effectively distribute gained knowledge.

Initiated by the Kapital Movie collective, a group of dedicated South Sudanese students, IT and media professionals the SouthSudan #PeaceHackCamp will address how to make and share media, not just consume it, while creating public awareness on the benefits of Open ICTs, Innovation and Open Educational Resources (OERs) as vehicles for peace-building, development and national reconciliation.

#PeaceHackCamp is a unique event that will be in Juba, South Sudan on November 30 – December 02, 2015. In the run-up to the event Kapital Movie, through its self-initiated media development training programme Kapital Virtual Academy (KVA) has been training groups of media interested youths from all cultural and socio-economic backgrounds, levels of literacy or education, including those with informal education and people displaced by conflict in ICT and Video Activism.

Please stay tuned as the programme and structure of the event develops … and tweet #PeaceHackCamp about your Open Culture, ICT and Peacebuilding ideas @KapitalMovie!

‘What is #PeaceHackCamp’, info-sheet, 29 October 2015

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