3 Days to Empower Women

Throughout the whole #PeaceHackCamp, a dedicated Holistic Women’s Empowerment workshop will take place led by Kudzai M. Mubaiwa, a guest from Zimbabwe. The three-day workshop embraces technology, peacebuilding and economic empowerment for women of all ages:

The Holistic Women’s Empowerment Workshop uses participatory activities that seek to inspire, motivate and educate women for their entire well-being. The workshop assists women in finding common ground appealing to personal and community aspirations and enables women to see the greater good by merging enterprise development, digital tools and community peacebuilding aspects into one.

Drawing on women’s ability to build communities by recognizing their skills, acquiring new skills and teaching others to enable empowerment and build networks in their communities. Using new media and social technologies, there is a focus on sharing role models and discussing examples from the participants, to facilitate group dynamics and economic development as essential aspects of peacebuilding. Everything in the workshop will be replicable in the women’s own spaces and communities. Mechanisms for tracking progress and staying accountable are included.

All activities will take place at the Women’s Union, starting at 1 pm and ending at 5 pm:

Holistic Women's Empowerment Workshop Sched.

Check out the schedule for details!