The #PeaceHackCamp Starts Today!

The #PeaceHackCamp is officially starting today. Here are the details to guide you in today’s activities. Sign in the schedule to tell us you are coming!

Daytime Venue: Central Equatoria Women’s Union (Hai Neem)

12:00 pm #PeaceHackCamp Doors Open: Tea and Snack welcome featuring the Bright Star dancers!

1:00 pm Official Opening: introductory remarks by Lagu Stephen Samuel (#PeaceHackCamp director), Deborah Ensor (Chief of Staff, Internews South Sudan), Ambassador Johannes Lehne (Federal Republic of Germany), Ambassador Mary Catherine Phee (United States of America), Live song performance ‘Crying for Peace’, directed by Otim Francis, Hon. Minister Rebecca Joshua Okwaci (Telecommunications and Postal Services, Republic of South Sudan)

2:00 pm ICT & Video Activism graduates Mbisimo Emmanuel and Evelyne Otto presenting:

  • video ‘Where is Peace’ (10 min), directed by Emmanuel Lobijo;
  • poem ‘Good Sanitation’ by Galea Jennifer;
  • poem Hungry for Peace’ by John Bior Ajang.

(Learn more about the artists)

3:00-5:30 pm Democratic Peace Forum

The Democratic Peace Forum brings ambassadors, representatives of fairly stable African Countries such as Kenya, Ghana, (post-genocide) Rwanda, Tanzania and stakeholders from South Sudan for a dialogue on what favours peace and stability in those countries. Chaired by Prof. Nelson Leben Moro, the panel will seek to answer some of these questions: Are there social and cultural factors that help support peace? How do people perceive peace in post-conflict countries where stability has been achieved? What is, and how does good governance secure stability?

Chair: Prof. Leben Nelson Moro, moderation: Edmund Yakani (CEPO)
Panellists: Martin Restrepo (Colombia), Fr. J. Ukumu (Uganda), Aphrodice Mutangana (Rwanda), Elvis Chi Nwosu (Norway)

6:00 – 9:00 pm Evening activities at the Aggrey Jaden Cultural Center

Activities during the #PeaceHackCamp, day 0, at the Aggrey Jaden Culture Centre. Image by K. Lado
Activities during the #PeaceHackCamp, day 0, at the Aggrey Jaden Culture Centre. Image by K. Lado

(Find even more details on the schedule!)

The Aggrey Jaden Culture Centre

Peace through arts, peace through technology, peace through innovations: this is what the Aggrey Jaden Culture and Cinema Centre works towards. The Centre is named after Aggrey Jaden, a politician known as an early promoter of an independent South Sudan.

Welcome! Credit: the Centre

In the run-up to the #PeaceHackCamp, the Aggrey Jaden Centre team has been hard at work preparing the place for the first ever such event in South Sudan, efforts that the whole team is extremely grateful for:

Preparing the Aggrey Jaden Culture Center for the #PeaceHackCamp 2015. Photo credit: Hakim George.
Preparing the Aggrey Jaden Culture Centre for the #PeaceHackCamp 2015. Photo credit: Hakim George.

During the #PeaceHackCamp 2015, the Aggrey Jaden Culture Centre will host a wide range of diverse activities featuring live song performance, Pecha Kucha demonstrations, and many others. Check out the schedule and let us know that you are joining us!

Visit and ‘Like’ the Centre’s Facebook page to follow up with their updates!

Coming to Aggrey Jaden is easy: refer to the map below. The programme of all evening activities is also available: Evening Get Together.


The Women’s Union

The Women’s Union is the #PeaceHackCamp daytime venue.

Image by r0g_agency on Flickr, CC-by-SA 2.0

This is where the major part of the activities will take place: read more about them and make sure to attend the 3-day Holistic Women’s Empowerment Workshop!

Coming to the Central Equatoria Women’s Union is easy: have a look at the map below (click the image to view full size).


Getting the #PeaceHackCamp message out

Held on 17 Nov 2015, the press conference gathered a range of journalists from mainstream and citizen media to introduce them to the idea of hacking for peace.

The press conference opened with a welcome by Kapital Movie’s public relations officer, Akwero Lily. Former and current graduates followed with their ICT stories. Also, staff from the Aggrey Jaden Cultural Center joined: as you have certainly seen it on our schedule, all #PeaceHackCamp evening gatherings happen at the Aggrey Jaden Center. Kapital Movie’s executive director, Lagu Stephen, then detailed the upcoming program.

Couldn’t attend our press conference? Here are the highlights!